Tosas has a proud history spanning more than 4 decades of supplying quality bituminous products across Southern Africa. The company specialises in the modification of bitumen and produces and manufactures most types of modified binders and emulsions that are used in roads industry in the countries where it operates. With a fleet of more than 30 modern  bitumen distributors, bitumen haulers, 13 mobile bitumen rubber and PMB modification plants Tosas is well placed to service the roads industry with all its requirements.

Company History

Tosas was established in 1972 as a joint venture / partnership between Sasol and Total, both known for being large fuel suppliers and with international footprints. The business was born as a result of the jointly owned shareholding in the Natref refinery and for them to own a value add binder company Tosas would not only be a retail outlet for bitumen binders but also a profit center through the modification and further processing of penetration grade bitumens. Sasol became the 100% shareholder in 2008 and then again sold their shareholding of the entire Tosas Holdings to the Raubex Group of Companies in April 2013 through a divestment process involving the Competitions Commissions of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Tosas has a proud history spanning more than 4 decades of supplying quality bituminous products across Southern Africa. Today the company operates from 7 locations in Southern Africa, namely; Wadeville, Bloemfontein, Worcester, East London, Durban, Gaborone and Tsumeb. Tosas has one of the best bitumen testing laboratories in Southern Africa and is a world leader in the development of new bitumen products.

Philosophy of Service

It is of utmost importance that we clearly understand the confirmed need of our clients, in order to present a dynamic and feasible solution to their needs within their budget constraints. We are totally committed to: When a client’s need is clearly defined, to do everything in our power to deliver our products and services (solution) to the expected outcome our client envisaged. Further to the above, we highly regard all our staff in the organisation and will do everything in our power to empower them with professional knowledge and skills designated to the task at hand. Our focus on all our equipment and plant’s maintenance and management is well defined to ensure we meet our delivery deadlines as well as the minimizing of downtime on any project we are involved with. Total client satisfaction is our primary philosophy of service, our soundboard will reflect the amount of times the same client returns to us for road building related solutions.

Our experience will increase your competitive edge in the industry

Brilliant Team

We have a brilliant team with the relevant qualifications, knowledge and skills to accomplish the task at hand.

Industry Experience

We have numerous years of experience in the industry and always strive to deliver quality work professionally executed.

Innovative Solutions

We are a solution driven company and strive to solve complex problems with innovation.

Product Integrity

Product integrity – micro managed: Top quality materials, Auditing manufacturing processes, Storing of materials, Distribution of products.

Proven Results

We offer professional services and deliver quality results.

5 Key benefits which you will enjoy by utilising Tosas products & services

  • Tosas became a leading bitumen supplying company by always keeping abreast of the latest technological developments and also by continuously researching and developing new products.
  • This policy remains unchanged and in fact is being re-prioritised under the new management of Tosas to ensure that not only the latest and best products can be offered to customers but also to ensure that the South African and other road owners can benefit from maximum life-cycle benefits that arise from using the most appropriate and latest technologies.
  • Tosas also recently acquired the services of one of the top specialists in the country with regards to PG Grading of bitumen and then also entered into an agreement with a large oil company to be able to research and prepare for when the South African industry changes over to a PG Grading system as in the USA. This research will not only be beneficial for Tosas but for the roads industry as a whole.
  • Tosas is also continuously researching lucrative products that are available under license from other countries.
  • The technical team at Tosas is well respected in the South African Roads industry. Our staff are members of various teams which are taking part in a wide range of research and specification committees, where new standards are being defined and published.